About Us



  • Moved from Germany in 2003
  • CNC lathe operator in Germany
  • Always busy with their 3 children
  • Enjoys fishing and hunting
  • Hobby is beekeeper with hives at Holdfast, Saskatchewan
  • Try my new honey flavors - Cinnamon or Lemon!


  • Moved from Germany in 2003
  • Graduated from a 4 year trade school course in auto mechanics
  • Worked primarily on Mercedes, VW and BMW vehicles in Europe
  • Special accreditation in automotive electrical troubleshooting
  • Huge hunting and fishing enthusiast
  • Built a propeller driven air boat, powered by a V8 engine (see
  • Helps raise their 3 children
  • Strong interest in alternative fuel vehicles



  • Graduated SIAST in 1995 as the last student to complete the former “Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Course.”
  • Enjoys odd and unique motorcycles
  • Loves anything with an engine
  • Has lived since 2008 in Sedley Saskatchewan
  • Helps raise their 2 boys
  • Marty’s wife is an accountant with a large corporation in Regina
  • Extensive repair knowledge going all the way back to the 1960’s and 1970’s vehicles
  • Enjoys attending update courses to further his automotive repair knowledge
  • When not fixing he enjoys camping and canoeing
  • Ask about his vintage Russian snowmobile

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